Boss battle using Quake4


UT2K4 Deathmatch map (one week development time)

Two Worlds

UT2K4 Deathmatch map

Escape From Ithuria

Three player 3d person cooperative puzzle platformer

Space Invaders

UT2K4 VCTF map (one week development time)


Boss battle using Quake4

The Color Of Doom

Half-Life2 Team Project

Stand Alone

Half-Life2 stealth combat sandbox


UT2K4 Deathmatch map (one week development time)

Resume Downloads:


Jordan M. Hirsh Designer/Scripter

Level Design Skills

  • Construction – BSP, Terrain, Height maps, Voxel, Static Mesh
  • Gameplay – Design, Flow analysis, Testing, Balancing
  • Scripting – Gameplay, Cinematic, Event
  • AI – Placement, Pathing, Scripting
  • Leadership – Deadlines, Document maintenance, Peer Leadership
  • Modeling – Creation, UVW mapping, Texturing
  • Texturing – Hand painting, Photo reference, Materials
  • Documentation – Concept, Level Design, Game Design, Asset and development plan, Scheduling
  • Programming – Entity creation (UT2004, Gears of War, Radiant, Source)

Software And Applicable Skills

Prgramming Languages:

  • Assembly (MASM)
  • ANSI C
  • ANSI C++
  • Java
  • Lua 5.1
  • Visual Basic
  • Unreal Script
  • Quake Script
  • Torque Script

Project/Design Management:

  • Microsoft Visio 2003
  • Source Control – Tortoise CVS, Subversion CVS
  • Smart Draw 2008
  • Microsoft Project 2003

Level Editors:

  • Hammer – Half-Life 2, Portal
  • Radiant – Quake 4
  • UnrealEd – Unreal Tournament 2004
  • UnrealEd U3 – Gears Of War
  • Torque Game Builder
  • The Elderscrolls Construction Set - Oblivion

Art Software:

  • 3D Sudio Max 10
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Adobe Illustrator CS2
  • Adobe Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Office 2007: Word, Excel

Game Experience

The Color of Doom                                                                                                                                 January – July 2008

Lead Level Designer (Faculty Appointed) – Half-Life 2 Team Project

  • 15-member team (6 Level Design/ 6 Artists / 3 Programmers)
  • Created the level design document for large multi room level
  • Performed final detail pass on all levels: added BSP detail, lighting tweaks, model adjustment
  • Oversaw and collaborated with level designers in level creation
  • Programmed area of effect special attack
  • Solved multiple code integration bugs
  • Synthesized activities to ensure top quality final product

Escape From Ithuria                                                                                                                           July – September 2007

Producer (Faculty Appointed) – Unreal2004 Team Project

  • 15-member team (7 Level Design/ 6 Artists / 2 Programmers)
  • Collaborated with designers, artists and programmers to create an innovative and fun game play experience
  • Performed final detail pass on all levels: added BSP detail, lighting tweaks, model adjustment
  • Level Construction: BSP placement, texture placement, and lighting for final level
  • Leveraged legacy A.I. code to create several A.I. profiles: Chasing melee A.I. for Golem, Pathing A.I. for Golem, Chasing Melee A.I. for Mini Elementals, Chasing / Ranged A.I. for Elementals, Standing A.I. for Fire Spitters, Standing A.I. for Clockwork Knights, Chasing A.I. for Clockwork Knights, Chasing/Flying A.I. for final boss.
  • Authored asset and development plan
  • Held and ran all team meetings
  • Ensured all milestones were exceeded

Enmity                                                                                                                                            October - December 2007

Level Designer – Quake 4 Individual Project

  • Designed level in conjunction with customized A.I.
  • Authored level design document
  • Level Construction: BSP placement, texture placement, lighting, entity placement, encounter planning and balancing
  • Scripted several custom weapons: Low damage rocket launcher for 3rd room boss, Low damage rail gun for 2nd room boss, Dark matter blaster hybrid weapon.
  • Scripted/Programmed customized A.I., A.I. simulates a strategic battle utilizing scripting and minor base code changes

Lycan The Dark Secret                                                                                                                      January - March 2007

Level Designer – Torque 2D Team Project

  • 4-member team (2 Level Design/ 2 Artists)
  • Designed the third level
  • Designed: Combat system, health system, HUD, Menus, A.I. behavior, 2D particle effects, custom 2D physics
  • Collaborated on balance and fine tuning systems to find the “fun”
  • Created Game design document
  • Programmed: Combat system, health system, pickups, HUD, menus, A.I behavior, 2D particle effects, custom 2D physics

Stand Alone                                                                                                                                              January - July 2008

Level Designer – Half-Life2 Individual Project

  • One level single player stealth mission
  • Level Construction: BSP placement, texture placement, lighting, entity placement and encounter balancing
  • Authored level design document
  • Generated scripted stealth system: Scripted limited view cone, Scripted limited audio range, Scripted custom detection reaction, scripted “dark” system for player hiding

Work experience highlights

Falcon Northwest, Ashland, OR                                                                                                                          2001 – 2002
Office Assistant

  • Streamlined daily accounts receivable processes by developing customized
  • Maintained a high volume workload, performed with absolute accuracy, and met strict deadlines

Internet CDS, Medford, OR                                                                                                                               1998 – 2001 Technical Support (Lead Technician)

  • Advanced and bolstered activities of fellow technicians and business clients by providing training, motivation, and support

Academic Experience

Southern Methodist University: the Guildhall, Plano,TX July 2008
Masters of Interactive Technology, Digital Game Development, Specialization in Level Design

Southern Oregon University Ashland, OR June 2006
Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

  • Won Computer Science Academic Service Award in 2004
  • Collaborated with faculty to create Game Programming Club
  • Introduced Torque game engines into game programming courses